Curtis Hicks from Shoreline

I ha Curtis_Hicks.png ve been a metro bus driver for 16 years and the seats on those buses were not so good and the years of sitting on the bad seat has taken toll on my back. Now, I can walk much better and also enjoying the benefit of regular adjustment as I come to see Dr. Park every month. I am glad that I tried chiropractic and recommend to all my friends and family. Thank you, Dr. Park.

Ryan Dianne from Seattle

diane.jpg Dr. Park is very professional and knowledgeable but still gives that personal attention to a person as an individual case. The results were indeed miraculous! The adjustments Dr. Park administered were very gentle and precise. I also recommend the deep tissue massage by Vina to set your body feeling great.

Kristi Strickland from Lynnwood

treating2.jpg This office is the best and so is Dr. Park. He gets an A+. Now I feel 100% better, more flexible and can manage my pain much better. My son Brandon is also being treated for scoliosis by Dr. Park. He is now more balanced, has less sinus problems, doesn’t complain about his back pain and sleeps better. I love chiropractic! But you have to find a great doctor and I did.

David Kim from Everett

David_Kim.png W
orking at Boeing as an engineer, I have to do a lot of work on a computer and I have had problem in my neck and low back areas for quite some time. After seeing Dr. Park, I noticed dramatic improvement in my neck and low back. I expected this, but what I didn’t expect was how my allergy improved. I was almost unaware of my regular allergy. It is amazing! Now this is kind of side effect that I like.

Chris Lynch from Shoreline

chris_lynch.jpg I had pain in lower and middle back that bothered me especially while waking up in the morning and late at night. Now I have no more pain. I went to see different chiropractor when I was younger but can’t think of feeling this good in a long time. I am really happy with the result. I would like to recommend to those who are in any pain to make a trip to Central Chiropractic Clinic.

Judith Villegas from Shoreline

I was Judith_Villegas.jpg especially impressed with Dr. Park’s uncanny ability to know “exactly” where I was hurting each time even when I didn’t mention!! Besides his treatment, Dr. Park recommended me to use ice, back brace and exercise. He also taught me how to sleep correctly, sit correctly and exercise correctly.  I appreciate everything I received from him.

Alexandru Sandu from Mountlake Terrace

I would like to Recommend Dr.Park to anyone that is suffering from back pain or neck pain to definitely see Dr.Park for Treatment also his Massage therapists are friendly and informative. Friendly office staffs.  Thank you.